Bangalore, India, June 2, 2024  -- Wanbo, in collaboration with the latest addition to the DaVinci series, the DaVinci 1 Pro Projector, is set to make a stunning debut! As a globally leading brand in smart audiovisual devices, Wanbo once again presents users with an unprecedented feast for the senses.

The DaVinci 1 Pro is now available in the Indian market. Tailored for home entertainment enthusiasts, this new model offers a native 1080p resolution with support for 4K content, providing a superior viewing experience for TV and movie lovers.

The launch of the DaVinci 1 Pro Projector marks a new milestone in projection technology. It's not just a product; it's a revolutionary upgrade to the viewing experience. With several unique features and outstanding performance, the DaVinci 1 Pro will bring users an unparalleled audiovisual experience.

Key features of the Wanbo Da Vinci 1 Pro Projector include:

  • Built-in Official 1080P Netflix: Enjoy content from platforms like Netflix with clearer images and more immersive experiences.
  • Supports 4K: Fully compatible with 4K resolution for sharper images and immersive viewing experiences.
  • Dual 8W Speakers and 420CC Large Sound Chamber: Powerful sound performance immerses you in music and movies.
  • Innovative Lens: Utilizes 3+1 non-spherical glass lenses for higher light transmission and better color and image fidelity.
  • PixelPro 5.0 Innovative Fully Enclosed Optical Engine: Optimized optical system delivers more realistic images.
  • 600 ANSI Brightness: Measured against stringent brightness standards for clear and bright projection effects.
  • ASA 3.0 (All-Scene Smart Algorithm 3.0): Automatic focus, automatic keystone correction, automatic screen entry, and intelligent obstacle avoidance for a smarter operating experience.
  •  Built-in Google OS: Seamless interface integration, one-click search for all related content, built-in Chromecast for streaming media without additional devices.
  • Voice Control Functionality: Easily control everything for a more intelligent and convenient operation.
  • Smart Home Connectivity: Connects to smart home devices to create a smart living space.